California Commercial Pools is a 32-year old company that specializes in all types of commercial aquatic facilities. Our broad range of experience encompasses all types of projects including, recreational swimming venues, competitive aquatic facilities, water play parks, resort pools and fountains. Completing 30 to 40 projects a year translates to several hundred projects in our twenty-nine years of business. As a result of our background and extensive experience, California Commercial Pools has become the leader in aquatic facility construction on the West Coast.

Organized to adapt to the varying needs of our clients, we are staffed with competent design professionals, capable estimators, experienced project managers, seasoned job superintendents, and a large support staff. With years of experience, we are flexible in our approach to construction and firm in our commitment to exacting standards and quality. As a result of the number of projects we complete annually and our associations with recognized aquatic design consultants, we are continually on the cutting edge utilizing the latest construction methods, materials, and technologies.

Our conservative fiscal management and our measured approach to growth have shaped a stable and confident company, well positioned to dedicate the necessary resources to each individual project.  Strong banking and bonding relationships, comprehensive insurance, and safety programs enhance client confidence.